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Ultrasound is a technique using high frequency sound waves to produce pictures of internal tissues and organs. During this procedure, a special gel is spread onto the area to be examined, then a transducer (small hand held microphone which emits sound waves) is passed over the area. The echoes it picks up are converted into an image, which is then reviewed by a consultant radiologist, who produces a report for the consultant surgeon.

Ultrasound scans are painless. The ultrasound exam lasts approximately 15 minutes.

The most common procedures using ultrasound include:

  • Breast scan
  • Examination of the axilla
  • Guided fine needle aspiration cytology and core biopsy 
  • Guided skin marking to assist surgical excision 
  • Vacuum biopsy
  • Breast implant review: check integrity of Implants eg PIP 
  • Trans-Vaginal examination
  • Liver scan
  • Abdominal scan
  • Pelvic scan
  • Testicular scan
  • Prostate

The skill of our Breast Specialist Consultant Radiologists and state of the art equipment ensure accuracy in checking the integrity of PIP breast implants.


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